Komodo Dragon Facts & Information

Komodo dragon Facts and Information

They Live in a remote area in Indonesia in the Komodo National Park located East of Bali and Lombok.

These giant lizards belong to the reptile family. Their scientific name is Varanus komodoensis.


Life span and size

Komodos have a life span of 50 years! Their length is about 3 meters (10 feet) and they weight around 70 kg ( 155 pounds). You can see photos of Komodo dragon.

Varanus komodoensis called Komodo dragon

Fun fact, they can swim!

They can swim in the open sea and are actually very good swimmer. They swim from one island to another island inside the Komodo National Park. They usually change of island to find food and their favourite prey or during the mating season to find a receptive female in order to make babies! However it is very rare to see them swimming in the open sea.


These giant monitors Lizards can run very fast with a speed up to 12 mph (about 20 km/h) and even more when they hunt. Visitors of the Komodo National Park have to be very careful especially with Kids. The dragons are usually sleeping and seem to be very slow but in a second they can reach maximum speed!

pics of a komodo dragon running to hunt its prey

Komodo Dragon hunt by feeling the vibrations, so never run when you are close to a Komodo Dragon!

Komodos lay eggs

Female lays between 15 to 30 eggs. There are four times more female than males! The maturity age is about 8 to 10 years old. See the specific page on the reproduction of Komodo Dragons.

They are usually solitary animals but it can arrive to find them in a group for feeding and during the mating season.


They have been discovered one hundred years ago in 1910 when a plane WWI pilot crashed into the Komodo sea. He swam to the Komodo Island and discovered this new specie. Then in 1912, a scientific expedition was carried on and they captured several dragons.

They are the largest lizards on earth. Their length can be up to 3 meters (about 10 feet). They are also the heaviest lizards and they can weight up to 70 Kg (about 155 lbs).  If you want to know more about the komodo dragon facts you can ask me in the comments.

Dragon Komodo running in Rinca Island

How many are left?

The estimated population of Komodo dragon is about 5 700. They live on the Komodo islands in the National Park. It is located in Indonesia, between the island of Lombok and Flores. These giant lizards live on the following islands:

  • Komodo island (3000 dragons)
  • Rinca Island (900 dragons)
  • Gili Motong (150 dragons)
  • In some parts of Flores island, North of Labuan Bajo.

It is an endangered specie. They don’t have any predators but humans hunt their favourite prey: the dear and the water buffalo. If you want to know more about the diet of Komodo dragons.

Since this giant Lizard has been protected and the creation of the Komodo national Park, their number is actually increasing but very slowly.

Natural habitat of Komodo dragons

If you don’t have the chance to spot them in their natural habitat, you can fly to Bali and then take another flight to Labuan Bajo. Then you can take a boat to visit the Islands to see the giant lizards. Otherwise, you can see the Dragons in several Zoo around the world like in Singapore Zoo, the London Zoo and in Washington.


Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Reptilia
Order: Sauria
Family: Varanidae
Genus: Varanus
Species: komodoensis
Category: Reptiles, lizards
Common Name: Monitor, Komodo Dragon
Other Common Names: Land Crocodile, Ora, Giant Monitor

Observe the Komodo dragons with kids

It is possible to visit the Komodo National Park and spot the reptiles with kids but it is recommended to always watch them and keep them close to you. Don’t let them them run away as they attack on running subjects. They do NOT eat people but some accidents happened in the past.

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