Komodo Dragon Diet

Feeding Habits

The Komodo Dragon diet is mostly wild animals of the savana. They eat wild pigs but sometimes even attack a buffalo! Komodos can eat dozens kilograms of meat in one meal! They can eat up to 80 percent of their weight body in one time.

Also they will feed with any food they find. They are cannibalistic too with the babies and young Komodo dragons!


the water buffalo is part of the komodo dragon diet

Komodo dragons attack Buffalo using their saliva full of bacteria

Even if they don’t kill their prey in the first time, their teeth and saliva is full of bacteria. The prey will eventually died of blood infection and the monitor just have to follow its prey until the bacteria kills it.

The mouth of dragons are full of teeth. They are vey sharp and looks like shark teeth.  They are design to tear and cut the flesh of its prey. Also like a shark, a komodo dragon will use several set of teeth during his life for eating its prey.

A recent research says that monitors may also have a venom gland to help him to kill its prey. However it has not been established clearly if the Komodo dragon is or is not venomous and it is not possible to say that their bites are poisonous. Moreover they don’t spit their saliva in the eyes like some people tend to think.

If you want to know more facts on Komodo dragons.

Komodo dragon rarely attacks human

They attack rarely people but several fatal attacks on local people have been reported, most of the time kids playing in the small villages on the Komodo Islands. But humans don’t normally belong to the komodo dragon diet and food chain.

The french version is available here: Dragon du Komodo.

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