Endangered Specie

Komodo Dragon endangered

Endangered Population

Komodo Dragon is an Endangered specie like for example the Coelacanth, the Tiger or the Pandas. Their population is not well known but ranges from 3000 to 5000 according to the different studies.

Threat, predator and enemies

These huge reptiles don’t have any predator and enemies but humans are their biggest threat. Indeed people on the islands hunt the same prey as the Komodos like wild pigs, dears and water buffalos.

They are also threatened by the very active volcanic activity in Indonesia.
The effect of tourism on the population of the lezards is not well known but since the creation the National park and the protection of the specie, the population tends to increase slowly on most of the islands. Moreover people stopped to hunt the dragons for their teeth and skin.

Trade and komodo Dragon as a pet

Any trade of skin, teeth, skull, and skeleton of Komodo dragon is forbidden. Moreover is not possible to have them as apet! It is also forbidden to buy and to sale any monitor!

Adaptation and Evolution

The adaptation and evolution of the Komodo dragon over millions of years is a good sign of its strength. However we have to be very careful to protect this wonderful animal as humans like almost all the time is the biggest threat for the monitors.

pictures of Komodo dragon endangered

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