Komodo Dragon Habitat


The habitat of the Komodo Dragon is the Komodo National Park located in Indonesia. They are found on several islands in the park (Rinca and Gili Motong).

Komodo dragons Habitat in grasslands in the komodo islands national park

They can be found also in some parts of the bigger island of Flores, on the South of Labuan Bajo. Before the monitors were also on the Padar island but since humans killed all the dears on it, the reptiles disappeared.

natural habitat of the komodo dragon

Habitat of Komodo Dragons

The Habitat of these Giant Lizards is very dry with just little water and very hot.

They live mostly in the savana and in the forest near the shore of the islands. They can swim from an island to another one inside the national park, so it is difficult to know exactly how many they are left.

Rinca island grasslands is the natural habitat of Komodo Dragons

Komodo dragons live in arid grassland and rain forest on the komodo islands

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